Bridging Skills: Managing Myself in a High Conflict Divorce

Upcoming Series & Registration 

The Bridging Skills series is designed for people who have completed the Bridging Parental Conflict class and would like to learn additional practical skills to manage parental conflict. The skills series is based on Bridging Parental Conflict concepts and DBT skills, meaning the class is a good fit for anyone who needs to learn specific and concrete tools to manage and overcome the stress and confusion of co-parenting within conflicted families. Also included is individual coaching to personalize the skills to the specific dynamics experienced by each group member.

Parties involved in the same conflict should sign up for different series dates.

The series includes:

  • Four 2-hour classroom sessions
  • Class and individual skills learning
  • One 30-minute individual phone coaching session


  • Deb Link, MA, LPCC, LMFT
  • Joe Noble, MA, LMFT
  • Lori Thibodeau, MA, LMFT

Cost: $275.00
Length:  4 weeks

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Upcoming Series & Registration